Martucci Sensei a Francoforte

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D.T. Roberto Martucci, 7° Dan Uisp-Do - 6° Dan Aikikai Tokyo
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Martucci Sensei a Francoforte

Aikido Roma Dojo Kashin
Pubblicato da K.Messlinger in Seminari · 15 Novembre 2013
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On 9th and 10th November 2013, the Aikido  Dojo Oberursel was inaugurated in a seminar with Roberto Martucci. The  internationally renowned Aikido teacher, 6th Dan Aikido and head of  Kashin Dojo in Rome, attracted participants from all parts of Germany,  Switzerland, Italy and France.

The  TV Weisskirchen sports club launched its new Aikido group with a bang:  for a whole weekend, the club house was taken over by the participants  of the seminar who came to study the intricacies of the Japanese martial  art from one of Europe's foremost teachers.
Members of the other departments of the club were met by unusual  sights: using 160 square metres of tatami, ca. 30 participants practised  the dynamic movements of the non-violent martial art Aikido, most of  them wearing the traditional Japanese divided skirt called "hakama". A  great number of spectacular throws and pins were shown, but also the  less obvious techniques for the development of the "inner connection".  Daniel Slamal, president of the TV Weisskirchen club, describes his  impressions: "For somebody without any prior knowledge of martial arts,  the movements are not easy to grasp. But it is obvious that you have to  be very flexible to be good at it."

For  Klaus Messlinger, head instructor of the Aikido Dojo Oberursel, a dream  came true: "I am deeply honoured that one of my Aikido role models  moved his 2013 seminar from Frankfurt to Oberursel and made it the best  inauguration event I could have wished for. This is an excellent  starting point, as from next year on we will organise regular seminars  with international teachers for the benefit of our Aikido group members,  the club and for the reputation of our town." The seminar with Roberto  Martucci was organised in co-operation with the Aikido Dojo Frankfurt.
A picture gallery with impressions from the seminar can be found on There, and on the website  more information on Aikido and the portfolio of TV 1899 Weißkirchen/Ts.  e.V. can be found. The first official Aikido class with commence on 5th  January 2014.

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